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Michael Tröster

StR. Michael Tröster

PhD student



LMU München
Fakultät Biologie
Großhaderner Str. 2,
82152 Planegg-Martinsried

Research Interests

My research focuses on the internal male and female reproductive systems of spear-winged flies (Lonchopteridae) and the phylogeny of this dipteran family. My research methods include traditional histology combined with modern imaging techniques (e.g., TEM, µCT, SEM and 3D-modeling) and DNA barcoding.

Publication + Congress Contributions

Tröster M; Kotrba M (2020)
Wanted: Fresh or alcohol material of Lonchopteridae.
Fly Times 65

Kotrba M; Tröster M; Gensler H; Ruthensteiner B; Heß M (2020)
Morphology and ultrastructure of the spermatozoa of Lonchoptera lutea Panzer, 1809 (Diptera: Lonchopteridae).
Arthropod Structure and Development 60: 101004

Tröster M; Kotrba M (2019)
Poster: Giant spermatozoa of Lonchoptera lutea (Lonchopteridae, Diptera) – Structural and ultrastructural aspects.
20th Annual Meeting of the Society for Biological Systematics, Munich